We’ve filmed another clip for the song of the band O-Zone – “Dragostea din tei”

15.05.2003 0

We’ve filmed another clip for the song of the band O-Zone – “Dragostea din tei”. The video turned out dynamic, vibrant and transmits the energy of the song of the …


The redesign of the website

05.03.2003 0

March 5, 2003 – we have changed the design of the “nines”, and little improved the functionality of the site.…

We’re moving to a new office on Creanga street, 6

22.02.2003 0

We’ve moved again =) The company “Simpals” had moved into a new office on the street Creanga, № 6. The company’s staff – 9 people.…


OFFline 10 – New Year Party

28.12.2002 0

master: There is an option to spend the night in a big house with sauna and swimming pool. (28-29 December) Beer, barbecue, a guitar and a bonfire.…


Cannes Lions in Moldova 2002

20.12.2002 0

At the festival “Cannes Lions 2002 in Moldova”, the Company “Simpals” won the Grand Prix for the social movie “The best city in the best country” dedicated to Chisinau.…


Webtop 2002 – first place in the category web design (

11.12.2002 0

WebTop– an annual prize which is awarded to the best websites made in Moldova and for Moldova.…


Web Top – 2002

27.11.2002 0

The “Simpals” company got the first place diploma for The Best Design for at the annual contest “Web Top -2002” .…

Office of the Ukrainian Embassy

14.11.2002 0

  November 14, 2002, we had moved into a new office. The number of employees of Simpals has reached 4 people. Perhaps the move is the second most important event …

We’ve finished the work on the clip of the song “Despre Tine” for the O-Zone band

23.10.2002 0

We’ve finished the work on a bright clip “Despre tine” of the band O-Zone. The band is young, but they certainly have potential – the song is catchy and, certainly, …

The new design of the Forum

05.10.2002 0

October 5, 2012 – we have updated the look of the, as well as expanded the opportunities of the platform! The project is developing, that’s why some changes are …


OFFline 9.9 – Wedding FORUM.MD

08.09.2002 0

On September 8, 2002, was held one of the most unusual offlines in the not so long history of the project…

OFFline 9.8 – An unforgettable evening FORUM.MD

09.08.2002 0

We’re going to party! Friday, the 9’Th, at 18:00, at the Tornado Bar!…


We’ve registered the NGO – Forum

02.08.2002 0

We’ve registered the nongovernmental organization Forum! This is an excellent example of how the online space brings together users of the Internet for new, socially useful achievements in real life.…

Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 18.36.26

Burial ground

30.07.2002 0

We’ve launched the project of killing mobile phones =)…

OFFline 9 – Formula 1 FORUM.MD

07.07.2002 0

An.Dre: OFFLINE 9 “Adrenalin and Speed” Hi, friends. Everybody knows that I am An.Dre and I’m passionate about Formula-1!!! For this reason I decided to suggest a vision of the …


MTV Music Awards 2002

05.07.2002 0

At the MTV Music Awards 2002, our company won the prize for best special effects for the clip of «O-Zone». Work upon the clip lasted half a year.…


OFFline 8 – the pirates of the XXI century FORUM.MD

28.06.2002 0

master: OFFline 8! On Friday, the 28th, at 17:00 at the Parade of beer (you know where) are gathering the pirates and sailors (dress code: vest, pipes, swords, etc.). We …

Clip O-zone: Numai tu

28.06.2002 0

We’ve finished working on a colorful, dynamic video clip about the city of Chisinau. The video presents a futuristic image of the city of Chisinau. In it are successfully intertwined …


OFFline 7 – Troopers FORUM.MD

16.06.2002 0

LexX Proposal for OFFline 7 “Heavens” The name of the offline wasn’t invented yet, so, please, give variants! Idea: Let’s get together and go to Tiraspol for a parachute jump. …


OFFline 6.1 – Football FORUM.MD

09.06.2002 0

master: June 9, at the cinema “Flacara” – the match RUSSIA-JAPAN. The first 20 people will get a free ticket. The sponsors of the event – our friends – Komsomolka …


OFFline 6 – Paintball, FORUM.MD BANG-BANG!

26.05.2002 0

master: OFFline 6 Bang-Bang On May 26, will be held the 6’Th offline with the code name “Bang-Bang”. We will gather on Sunday (I will tell you later where) between …


Offline Zoo “Let’s help the zoo” – 2 FORUM.MD

09.05.2002 0

This is a support action for our Chisinau zoo which is in distress. We had contacted the administration of the zoo and found out what they need now. …


Today was registered Simpals SRL

01.04.2002 0

We’ve officially registered the company Simpals SRL. This is the beginning!…

OFFline 5 – 100 000 FORUM.MD

15.03.2002 0

The “” already withdrew a simple web-project. That’s why it is held together with “KP-Kishinev”. Recently “” has celebrated the anniversary. However, it wasn’t a classic anniversary, because the Internet …


Offline Zoo “Let’s help the zoo” FORUM.MD

17.02.2002 0

This is a support action for our Chisinau zoo which is in distress. We had contacted the administration of the zoo and found out what they need now. …


OFFline 4.99 – “The General’s gift” FORUM.MD

05.02.2002 0

The journalists of “KP”-Chisinau” has awarded the most active participants of the online discussions in “Komsomolka”. The idea to offer the visitors of topics for articles which will …


OFFline 4.2 – “The spontaneous combustion ” FORUM.MD

24.12.2001 0

master They invited me… I reached it… 🙂 This is an intermediate offline, I think, that such versions (4.2, 4.3 …) could be organized without advertising too, spontaneously. It’s great, …

dip11 – first prize at the Web-top 2001 contest in the web design category

23.12.2001 0

On the 23rd of December 2001 our site took the first place at the Web-top 2001 contest in the web design category. Web-top is the annual award, which is …


OFFline 4 — «Bread and circuses!» FORUM.MD

08.12.2001 0

Another OFFline, another reunion of independent people of FORUM.MD. Some contests, lively debates and a pleasant pastime.…


We launched the site

20.11.2001 0

Today we finished working on the site, where one can find a job. This is the first job center in our country on the on-line area. …


Moldova’s first GSM.MD OFFline

11.05.2001 0

On the 11th of May 2001 took place the first offline. There was chosen the terrace “OSCAR” from the city center as a place of meeting.…


We launched the site

23.01.2001 0

We released the bulletin board We are the first! Now you can create an ad right on the Internet. Register, select a category and create ads – it’s not …


We released the site

16.11.2000 0

On the 16th of November we released the site , dedicated to the mobile telephones and accessories’ world. …


We just released the site

18.09.2000 0

On the 18th of september 2000 I have released …

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