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The fast travel secret from Simpals

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How can you visit the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the famous Empire State Building in New York the same evening? It’s very simple. You don’t even have to buy …


Simpals is among the founding members of the Association of Electronic Companies of Moldova (ACEM)

17.05.2019 0

Moldova breaks new ground in the field of electronics: several companies engaged in the electronics industry, including Simpals SRL, have become co-founders of the Association of Electronic Companies (ACEM). The …



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Pysanka, krapanka, drapanka, krashanka! If you thought these were the notes of a mad artist, you’re wrong. These are types of decorated Easter eggs in Ukrainian tradition. How do we …

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Simpals Pajama Party

16.04.2019 0

We spent our 17th birthday in pajamas On this birthday, we decided to stray a bit from our tradition of having crazy parties and thus gave a party with no …

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VR cartoon film “ARIPI” sneak peek at Patria cinema

12.04.2019 0

Friday, 12 April, on Cosmonautics Day, Patria cinema hosted the sneak peek of the first Moldovan VR animated film “ARIPI”. Before the premiere, the creators of the project greeted the …


A week without plastic! How Simpalseans coped with the „Eco Friendly Week” challenge

25.03.2019 0

Here at Simpals we are simple, always having fun and up to mischief, and however conscientious when it is appropriate and ready to help in need. When it comes to …


How we celebrated March 8 at Simpals

21.03.2019 0

Simpals has long established that the fair sex representatives need a special fabulous, romantic and spring atmosphere on the occasion of International Women’s Day, so that congratulations become as exciting …


Roman Stirbu has joined the ATIC board of directors

15.03.2019 0

Roman Stirbu has joined the ATIC board of directors Thursday, 14 March, Roman Stirbu, CEO of Simpals, joined the board of directors of the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC).…


Gentlemen are slowly made, not born

11.03.2019 0

Gentlemen are slowly made, not born. The gentry school is not easy, but only the best men are able to graduate from it 🙂 Gentlemen’s opinions are taken into account, …


How they ate crepes at Simpals

05.03.2019 0

We knew that International Pancake Day is celebrated on 5 March, but we could not refrain from celebrating on large scale the beginning of Maslenitsa (Shrovetide in Russian tradition) 🙂 …


Martisors blossomed out!

01.03.2019 0

It is no secret that the most beloved national holiday in Moldova is March 1! Why? Because it’s “Martisor”! On this day, we give each other “martisors” – red and …


International Gentleman’s Day!

25.02.2019 0

Ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to communicate you the all-fair news! Since we, ladies, were only recently allowed to vote, our united petticoat council agreed to designate the day …

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Magic moment at Simpals

19.02.2019 0

Do you believe in magic? The one that allows you to move objects, read minds and do something unthinkable with the most ordinary things. Well, we had some doubt about …


Love in a word

14.02.2019 0

This day is very treasured in our company. It just can’t be otherwise because St. Valentine’s Day is the official day when everybody have the opportunity and reason to declare …


Back to the 90’s

11.02.2019 0

A New Year’s corporate party at Simpals is much more than just a noisy party celebrating the coming of a new year 🙂 A corporate party is always a total …


When children invade the Simpals

08.02.2019 0

When children invade the Simpals Studio, we can only feel happy, inspired and motivated! Today we had the pleasure to meet the 3rd grade pupils of the Gymnasium No. 7 …


The 90s style

28.01.2019 0

We had 2 video cassette players, 75 color TVs, 5 robbed stalls, several kilograms of gold chains, 3 checkered bags, tons of fried sunflower seeds and VHS cassettes 🙂 The …

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Happy birthday, Eskimo!

24.01.2019 0

Today, at Simpals office, we celebrate the day of the ”highly caloric and vitaminized product”, namely: the eskimo ice-cream. There are many legends about when, where and by whom the …


A very honorable diploma

22.01.2019 0

January 21, our Padre was awarded by Pavel Filip personally the Honourable Diploma of Moldova’s government. The diploma became a sign of gratitude for special and outstanding achievements in the …


Heroes to be treated like heroes

21.01.2019 0

It’s always an enormous pleasure to meet the winners and heroes. And it’s double pleasure that the real hero and world record-holder, whom we met at Chisinau Airport, is our …


How those at Simpals combine sports and wine

20.01.2019 0

Everybody knows that Simpals employees are active and sports-oriented people, who are always willing to take part in the most extreme and unusual sporting events. The unique wine race Milestii …


Simpalseans submerging in the ice-hole

18.01.2019 0

How can you spend your Friday night, especially if it’s Epiphany eve? Of course, there’s no better way than take a dip into the ice-hole in the company of your …

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Charity Run at the Pole of Cold: Dmitri Voloshin’s new record

17.01.2019 0

At Simpals, year 2019 began with records. Dmitri Sergeevich, aka “Padre” inside the company, once again proved that there’s no limit for a person’s willpower, courage, purposefulness and madness, in …


Simpals participates in the e-trash recycling project

11.01.2019 0

Simpals has an unusual tradition of getting rid of old and broken technology: using bits, chainsaws and heavy boots. Actually, there is a more peaceful way to get rid of …

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Simpalsean brought together 40 musicians in a video

14.12.2018 0

At Simpals there are people who are not afraid to set ambitious goals and achieve very cool results. The frontman of the post-hardcore band “and all i can say is” …

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Simpals -Redirect [Video]

10.12.2018 0

We are already taking root in the new office: inventing new rules, studying new routes, dreaming of new projects and preparing for new events. Lots of new things, have you …


Vitamins Day

08.12.2018 0

Since it’s winter and working Saturday, we decided to charge our bodies with vitamins A, B, C and E to boost our mood, and at the same time strengthen the …

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Simpals: from the beginning to infinity (and beyond)

29.11.2018 0

Who can speak about a company better than its employees? Especially for you, we managed to obtain a video signed as “Absolutely Secret”, which will reveal you the Simpals history …


Saturday voluntary work day at Simpals

10.11.2018 0

“Toamna mândră, harnică și de bunuri darnică a-mpărţit a ei comori…”. “Унылая пора! Очей очарованье! Приятна мне твоя прощальная краса…”.” How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light …

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Simpals Studio participated in the animation conference „Mooove!”

04.11.2018 0

On 4 November 2018, Kyiv hosted thematic conference “Mooove! Animation Magic Conference” – the thematic conference where leading animation industry specialists from Ukraine, Ireland, France and Moldova shared their experiences …


Trick or photo

31.10.2018 0

It is no secret that the most awful photos are passport pictures 🙂 It seems that the hairstyle is right and the makeup is perfect, but still – the photo …


Simpals Studio artist Dmitrii Travniсov spoke at ICT Career Orientation 2018

25.10.2018 0

  On Thursday, October 25, at Tekwill Excellence Center, the largest professional event “ICT Career Orientation 2018” took place. Leading IT and creative industry specialists of Moldova, including Dmitrii Travniсov …


Roman Stirbu was awarded a medal “For Cooperation”

23.10.2018 0

Roman Stirbu’s medal collection has been enriched with a new specimen — the medal “For Cooperation”. On October 23, the distinction was awarded by the Deputy Chief of the General …

DSC_9177 and Bunicii Grijulii will work on ensuring pupil safety

23.10.2018 0

On Tuesday, October 23, a working meeting took place with the Deputy Chief of the General Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova – …


Sergey Kirillov, CG Supervisor of Simpals Studio, spoke at Chisinau Mini Maker Faire 2018

13.10.2018 0

October 13, the Tekwill ICT Excellence Center hosted a festival of technologies, inventions and creative industry for the whole family — Chișinău Mini Maker Faire 2018. The event was held …


Sorry, Chuck, but Roman is cooler than you!

12.10.2018 0

Roman Fedorovicch turns 39 (but we’re not sure!). We are completely comfortable with showing you a full version (that is, the complete photo album) of qualities possessed by our birthday …


Simpals’ Dirty Party

14.09.2018 0

What to do, if the Chisinau Marathon, the largest event of this autumn is drawing nearer, and half of the staff run more slowly than the Galapagos Torrtoise? That’s right, …


One more challenge! Chisinau Marathon 2018

05.09.2018 0

Sporter invites all wishing athletes to register for Chisinau International Marathon 2018, that will be held on September 30. Within the framework of Chisinau International Marathon, this year the following …


Kids at ARTICO got into Simpals world of animation

28.08.2018 0

No matter if you like or not to deliver speeches, when you have a passion for something, you can talk about it for hours. That’s exactly the case of Simpals …


The most vivid impressions of glodiators

25.08.2018 0

Simpalsers got tired of office life: starched collars, white shirts, … And so they ventured into the dirtiest event of the year – Glodiator (from “glod”, meaning “mud” in Romanian). …

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