Simpals offers free online shops for business during quarantine ®

18.03.2020 0

This is primarily due to the fact that the consequences of combating COVID-19 have seriously affected the profitability and income of any business, since customers cannot leave their home without …

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The most important thing in combating the spreading virus isn’t just washing hands and keeping calm, it’s also reducing the social circle to the minimum. For this reason, Simpals has …

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Simpals is switching to remote working mode

14.03.2020 0

Starting today, Simpals is switching to remote working mode, which will last a week. Familiar working spirit, when the whole team is nearby, was transferred to video communication format. Today …


Meet Sonr!

09.03.2020 0

Meet Sonr – a device intended for swimmers, coaches, freedivers and triathletes, specially designed to make you a champion as soon as possible! This small device is worn on the …


Simpalsian “Maslenitsa”

05.03.2020 0

While everyone is celebrating Maslenitsa, we decided to give up the traditional Russian pancake party and chose a different method to say goodbye to winter. It turned out that decorating …

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Bringing walls Simpals to life

03.03.2020 0

If your kids love to paint on the walls, send them to art school 😄 Maybe in a few years they will make a masterpiece out of the walls in …

87175740_3464806913594783_1299027624772763648_o – 14 years of unceasing news flow

20.02.2020 0

Friends, can we please have your attention for a moment? A congratulation post will follow. Our company has an important and well-known project that knows everything about everything. Day by …

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Outer space

19.02.2020 0

It is not only in fairy tales that you can see magic walls 🙂 They pretty well exist in the real world. Just yesterday, one of the walls of our …


JCI visiting Simpals

13.02.2020 0

Recently, a delegation from JCI (Junior Chamber International) – a large noncommercial and nongovernmental organisation which unites the youth all over the world came to visit us at our office. …

Photograph courtesy of Cinequest

This year's Cinequest Film and VR Festival opens Feb. 27 with a screening
of 'Krystal' at the California Theatre. The festival runs through March 11.

In the new year, the cartoon Aripi continues bringing us good news from festivals

11.02.2020 0

Here we come to your feed, bringing cheerful news! This spring, spring, our cartoon will take part again in very prestigious international festivals.  First, ARIPI will go to San Diego …


Moldovan product wins international design award

06.02.2020 0

We are extremely proud that Lobster Freediving Weight was so highly rated! If we refer to the world of cinema, an Oscar for filmmakers equals to the iF Awards in …


How the machines learn at Simpals company

03.02.2020 0

Long time ago, computers were considered only as mechanical calculators. Nowadays, computers are able to draw paintings and write poems, and all of this is due to machine learning. During …


The cartoon “Aripi” debuts on 2019 Forbes list of TOP 50 VR projects

31.01.2020 0

The online edition of Forbes – the world’s leading business magazine, included the Moldovan cartoon “ARIPI” in the list of 50 best VR projects that debuted in 2019. This article…


Simpals has joined the FinTech committee of ATIC

28.01.2020 0

Simpals has joined the new consultative committee of the Moldovan Association of Information and Communications Technology Companies (ATIC) devoted to problem examination and solving for financial industry in Moldova. Yesterday, …


Little visitors in a company this big

24.01.2020 0

The other day, a whole crew of noisy active children with a truckload of “Whys” paid us a visit. They were interested in absolutely everything: how cartoons are drawn, who …

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Simpals, you are the cosmos!

23.01.2020 0

When there’s too much cosmos inside us, it’s absolutely bursting out. That’s exactly how our corporate party was delivered – comic, explosive, sweeping (in every way 🙂).…


“Gala Cineaștilor 2020”: ARIPI got the “Best Soundtrack” award

21.01.2020 0

Although we assured you that “ARIPI” cartoon is no longer taking part in festivals, it just couldn’t miss such an important event as “Gala Cineaștilor 2020”. The cartoon competed in …


Simpals was successfully ISO certified

15.01.2020 0

On an ordinary day in December, things at Simpals office were following a fixed routine: coffee ☕️ was getting made, tasks were being set, plans were being planned. But at …


Maratonul de Craciun. Ver.7

10.01.2020 0

The winter can be unpredictable: it either brings snowdrifts or exchanges one winter month for a spring one. Nonetheless, none of these reasons can hinder the deployment of the kindest …


The cartoon ARIPI is on open access!

06.01.2020 0

We are very pleased to present you the cartoon that has been talked about so much over the last few months. Starting today, the cartoon, which is more than just …


OpenSpice 2020

30.12.2019 0

If it happens that you don’t know what you need for complete happiness, then we can help! This year, New Year’s gifts to our friends include all the options at …


This is Maratonul de Craciun!

23.12.2019 0

On December 22, we gathered on the main square to run the seventh traditional 3 km race and to collect gifts! It wasn’t just a little warm, it was HOT …

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SONR – the new product of Garage

10.12.2019 0

Our new project, Sonr, which was created by Garage staff, conquers more users’ hearts. The US media is also interested in this project, due to the fact that Dmitri Voloshin …


Painter + Balcony + First snow

07.12.2019 0

While our Simpals Studio artistic director thinks, and there is snow on the balcony, this is the result we’re going to get 🙂 PS: the key is to capture the …

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How to raise money for a Moldovan startup? – Go into a subway

06.12.2019 0

Go into a subway 😂 Of course it’s a joke.  On December 5, a training was organized, where Sonr Moldovan startup team held a presentation to investors (alongside other “trainees”) …


“999” – 20th anniversary!

05.12.2019 0

20 years! Exactly 20 years ago the website was launched, which nowadays is used by all Moldovan residents! 🙂 Day in and day out, over 2 mln. users search …


Hey, happy “2D”ays!

02.12.2019 0

On this day, no one bathes in fountains, no one shouts: “Glory to the animation!”. Firstly, because December is too cold for bathing outside, and secondly, we operate in a …

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It’s our “Black Friday”

29.11.2019 0

If you are “addicted” to sports and are looking forward to the holidays, as well as to the new sporting season, we have great news The Sporter team invites you …



27.11.2019 0

Well, after all the “glodiators” have washed their equipment, it’s time to recall how it all happened back at the Glodiator Mud Race 2019 participation. It was running, crawling, “diving”, …

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Twice the best VR project

25.11.2019 0

In November, our cartoon “ARIPI” visited two cool American film festivals at once: in Baltimore and in Austin. Visited, attended, and conquered the “Best VR-project” nominations! Baltimore Next Media Web …

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The most detailed map of Moldova,, introduced another city

21.11.2019 0

Now users can easily navigate and find the necessary addresses in the large industrial center in the north of the left bank of Nistru: in the city of Ribnita. By …


Who is the “appropriate” staff in a company?

21.11.2019 0

Our friends from Urban Center – the Youth Educational and Leisure Center – help us in organizing events. Yesterday, a standard meeting was held in non-standard circumstances: young center attendees …

Снимок экрана 2019-12-30 в 10.30.15 is the online platform for the school reform!

21.11.2019 0 is the online platform which was designed for the electronic transfer of the main educational processes. 🎓 The project’s goal is to unite the teachers, the students and their …

BigData Times

20.11.2019 0

In the days of the Big Data craze, the issue of information security is becoming more and more relevant not only for individuals, but for companies as well. On November …

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When the “garage” is full of interesting stuff

20.11.2019 0

Even if the majority of people take the old and unnecessary stuff to the garage, Simpalsians consider it a place for innovations! 🙂 We have a department, which actively creates …

image (2) in Romania!

15.11.2019 0

We have great news this Friday! While some Simpalsians have a cup of coffee with biscuits, others went to conquer the world We’re talking about the team, who will …

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We love you, Chisinau International Marathon! :)

06.11.2019 0

Drop everything now and watch the marathon aftermovie! So many happy faces! So many victories and personal records! Maybe you will see some familiar faces among the participants, or even …

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Plan B: the heating season

05.11.2019 0

Friends, our team is working on a special project called “Plan B”, which is designed to help people in emergency situations. Even if this information is just theoretical (we hope …


ARIPI. Victory tastes like maple syrup!

31.10.2019 0

Dear friends, we have some great news straight from the maple syrup and hockey country of origin! 🙂 First of all, we remind you that our VR animation, ARIPI, …


A visit to Simpals Studio – a short trip into the world of the future

30.10.2019 0

We all know how quickly children grow and how their interests change from generation to generation. More recently, children were looking forward to the weekend to watch some cartoons for …

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