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New project aLIVE: ask an expert on air

20.08.2020 0

The women’s forum and the public organization Forum have launched the social project aLIVE — an online live broadcast where experts discuss the most acute and up-to-date topics in …


“The Ocean” — a short story with deep meaning

10.08.2020 0

Meet “The Ocean”! The first, but not the last, sketch released by our animation studio from the new 2D cartoon series. As we promised, we will tell and show you …


Chisinau International Marathon 2020, see you next year

27.07.2020 0

This is probably not the right time for such news, and it never will be. But … The Chisinau International Marathon is postponed to 2021. We hoped until the last …


July updates for in-app video calls and online bidding

27.07.2020 0

The “999” team had a very fruitful July. Simultaneously, two important updates were released – free video calls from the iOS and Android application, as well as the ability to …

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Good news from Simpals Studio

20.07.2020 0

We sincerely believe that Monday is the time for good news (how you begin your week can often tell you what kind of week you’re going to have!). So, we …


Simpals launches a new project – electronic document exchange service

17.07.2020 0

We have launched a new project for small, medium and large enterprises – the electronic document exchange service, With it, companies can keep their flexibility even in times of …


Sporter is opening the season of medals in Moldova

03.07.2020 0

Sporter team is launching a new project — RUNdemia Online Marathon! There’s no denying that the pandemic deranged all the plans for playing sports in 2020. But we did not …

35ff8ed537412a221f9cbabce9e8c2cd can help you navigate inside buildings

01.07.2020 0

A new feature is available on – Indoor mapping. Let us tell you and show you what this is about. Indoor mapping is a navigation scheme for each floor …


Lobster got an “Oscar” in terms of industrial design

30.06.2020 0

One of the inventions of Garage startup accelerator, the Lobster Freediving Weight, received the Red Dot Design Award, which is like an Oscar in the world of design. Can you …


History and architecture in 3D on

27.06.2020 0

Historical architecture comes alive with We have already shared the news that the map is available in a new 3D mode. The three-dimensional buildings are now more visually compelling. …


#Neampornit: helps to develop domestic tourism in Moldova

25.06.2020 0

A new category – #Neampornit, has appeared on With it, you can travel, find new tourist places and add places of your own. Moldova has everything for traveling: beautiful …


All schools in Gagauzia will be connected to platform

16.06.2020 0

We are always proud to talk about the achievements of our projects, but this news shocked us all (in the most positive sense of the word). By 1 September, Gagauzia …


Pria E-Commerce in Moldova

09.06.2020 0

On 10 June, Roman Stirbu, CEO of Simpals will attend “Pria E-Commerce in Moldova” – an online conference, which is crucial for today’s Moldova. The conference is expected to have …


May at Simpals: our updates digest

01.06.2020 0

So, another month of hard work is over. Even though circumstances have made us work remotely, the results for this month are pretty cool. Well, if it’s hard for you …


Roman Stirbu spoke at “Opportunities for e-commerce in a post-pandemic world” webinar

27.05.2020 0

Not just the appearance and habits of Moldova inhabitants are affected by the pandemic. So is the way business will develop in the new environment and what business people in …

Happy birthday, Numbers!

20.05.2020 0

Today, the largest Internet sales house №1 in Moldova — — turns 9 years! From the very first day of its activity, it helped businesses learn the complexity of …

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Simpals antifragile presentation

11.05.2020 0

Why we all live in the forest now, why create unrealistic tasks and what the antifragility in our team looks like, Dmitri Voloshin talks about all this. Watch a presentation …



08.05.2020 0

We keep telling you about different traditions at Simpals. So, for several months now, Simpalseans have been sharing funny photos and videos showing life of the office. At the …


Team training: Growth Hacking at Simpals or how to hack the project growth

04.05.2020 0

While in quarantine, we shouldn’t forget about training. It’s the period when you can find growth aspects for yourself and for your project. Therefore, we continue sharing our pre-quarantine Simpals…


ARIPI won the Lichter VR Storytelling Award

29.04.2020 0

We have mentioned earlier that the ARIPI animation entered the list of top five winners of a famous German film festival and that it shall participate in the finals. Well, …

d2dab368ff3f998302cc2ed6250eceee simplified the registration for students and parents

23.04.2020 0

The registration on the system became easier. Now, headteachers can connect students and their parents independently. How does the new registration work? – Family registration. This registration is suitable …

720 launches the “Mutual aid in quarantine” subcategory

16.04.2020 0

We all know that in these days, we need more solidarity, empathy and goodwill, therefore, created a special subcategory, which is dedicated to all people who need help or …

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Our great and lively Simpals home

14.04.2020 0

For 4 weeks now we have been working remotely 🙂 What does it mean?  Work from home means having important meetings with important persons, but wearing PJs 🙂 Work from …


ARIPI “has conquered” the sky and the viewers’ hearts for a whole year!

12.04.2020 0

Exactly a year ago, ARIPI “flew” around the world. So last year, on the International Cosmonautics Day, we presented our much-anticipated project, on which we have worked for several years. …


We #stayathome and keep working

10.04.2020 0

The “world” stays home. The Planet is in quarantine. It’s a difficult time in history both for people on the front line of combat and for people who accidentally became …

f83e6d9d454e095ef3da03a22af439ee (1) has launched online courses for students

09.04.2020 0 has launched a platform comprising free online courses in main school subjects and lessons for students who are preparing for the Baccalaureate exams. On, you can find …


999 and Joblist launched a free urgent recruiting service during the pandemic

08.04.2020 0 and launched a new block for all who are in search of temporary employees  during the quarantine period — #STAIACASĂ Urgent vacancies. The new block was created to …

Banner-Price-1000px helped open for free 40 online shops during 2 weeks

07.04.2020 0

Over 40 Moldovan companies accepted the offer and opened for free their online shops during the last 2 weeks, since the launch of the campaign. After the imposition of …


A library with all school textbooks is available at

06.04.2020 0

Starting today, the educational process resumes. For the convenience of students, a new section has appeared on There are collected textbooks for grades 1-12 in all subjects, in …


999 help doctors find lodging near work

06.04.2020 0

On website there is now an opportunity to rent housing out to doctors near their work. These days, doctors are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19! Thousands …

fa51803ac98da7363c4a3328a9d9d778 (1) supports local farmers who want to sell their products

05.04.2020 0

Today, Moldovan farmers who grow their own vegetables and fruits are on the verge of bankruptcy. Owing to the declaration of state of emergency in the Republic of Moldova and …

35c995a7fdcd2654d197aa95454f26c7 presents a new tool — homework

03.04.2020 0

The platform works on improving distance learning and announces a new feature that has been developed in response to users’ demand. Students now have the opportunity to submit completed …


Simpals Company and its volunteers help fight against coronavirus

03.04.2020 1

The number of coronavirus victims increases with each passing day. The doctors are struggling to help the contaminated, working almost nonstop. Due to a weak technical base and lack of …


Simpals donates video laryngoscopes to Moldovan clinics

01.04.2020 0

On its 18th birthday, the company donated to medical institutions in the country the necessary equipment. Today Simpals company is turning 18. 18 years of struggle, with defeats as well …


Training at Simpals: Jobs To Be Done is the task which needs to be completed

30.03.2020 0

Simpals Company is an IT company, which links about 40 projects and 4 product teams. Each team has its own methods and instruments. As the IT field rapidly evolves, the …

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How to set up remote team work? shares its experience

24.03.2020 0

Like Google, Yandex, Tweeter, Facebook and other IT companies from all over the world, Simpals decided to temporarily switch to work from home mode. Based on the example of the …

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Hincesti Center for Children with Disabilities requires help

23.03.2020 0

There are 253 children and 200 employees at the Temporary Care Center for Children with Disabilities in Hincesti. At this moment, the center is closed for quarantine, but the children …


”I help. I care!” Offer a hand of help to elders!

20.03.2020 0

With the imposition of the state of emergency in the Republic of Moldova, a great number of elderly people and people with special needs got into an extremely difficult situation.…


Simpals conducts online interviews during quarantine

18.03.2020 0

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, more IT companies are announcing their switch to remote work, in order to ensure the safety of their employees and to …

Plan B: how to protect yourself from COVID-19

18.03.2020 0

The World Health Organization announced a pandemic of the new coronavirus. The new episode of Plan B project will bust myths about COVID-19 and will share some measures of protecting …

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