Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director

01.03.2021 0

Digital Marketing department at Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director! Welcome Evgeny Martynov, who has joined our team! For 8 years, Evgeny has worked for Puma, where he walked …

i turned 15 years!

20.02.2021 0

Today,the most popular news aggregator in Moldova, and one of the Simpals projects –, celebrates its birthday! Turning 15! Every day, the team overcomes stormy information flows, skillfully maneuvers …


Simpals appoints Eugeniu Procopi as Director of Sporter

18.02.2021 0

We’re happy to introduce you a new member of the Simpals team – Eugeniu Procopi, Director of Sporter organization! Eugeniu has been in the field of sports for 8 years. …


Happy B-day, Forum!

01.02.2021 0

Today is the B-day of one of the oldest Simpals project —! Believe it or not, it still remembers the ICQ Uh Oh! sound, a world without YouTube, and …


Simpals appoints Maxim Banga as Chief Financial Officer

26.01.2021 0

We are honored to introduce you to the new Simpals CFO, Maxim Banaga. Maxim has over 13 years of experience in the finance sector. He has worked for international companies …


Sporter restarts the legendary Rubicon

21.01.2021 0

“Friends, the RUBICON is back in Moldova!”. This is how the new year 2021 started at Sporter. We’ve had no events for a whole year and it seems like we’ve …


Obscene usernames and avatars will be blocked on

18.01.2021 0

The team continues to change and complete the functionality of the site to make communication in comments even more pleasant for users. Now the site will block the ability …


Simpals confirmed ISO compliance

15.01.2021 0

There are some events that you want to share over and over again. We’re talking about a very important test in every company’s life — ISO certification. This is …


New Year’s Eve results or Demo Day 2.0

30.12.2020 0

The rule here at Simpals is to sum up the results on New Year’s Eve. So, DemoDay has become a good practice. Each team speaks about what they have achieved …


Simpals gifts: 2021 edition

30.12.2020 0

You should start the new year right – with a huge charge of vitamins, good (bottled) mood, and, of course, a clean sheet! We believe that if something is missing …

profi 1200 px

Happy Birthday,!

28.12.2020 0

Today is a special day for specialists, experts and seasoned professionals! Our specialist search service turns three! Every day, the project team helps residents of Moldova find the most …


Aheel team produced a new version of the device

18.12.2020 0

Continuous testing and CustDev results have pushed Aheel to sweeping changes. It turned out that users want the device to be able to collect more information and analytics. The team …


Project turned 21 years!

05.12.2020 0

Today is celebrating the 21st birthday! The age of consent, right? And all this time, 999 has been assisting you in your sales and purchases. 21 years of 24/7 …


Sporter summed up the results of RUNdemia autumn edition

02.12.2020 0

The 2020 running season can be officially closed! Just the other day, summed up the results of the online marathon RUNdemia and congratulated the absolute champions of the autumn …


2December at Simpals Studio

02.12.2020 0

On the 2nd of December, all 2D animators around the globe send each other cute drawings with nice greetings. That’s because it’s 2D animation day! On its professional day, our …

Новый проект broke a new attendance record

30.11.2020 0

Simpals has a new “statistical” reason to be proud — 400,000 unique users visiting the website per day. The project remains the most visited site in Moldova, according …

Снимок экрана 2020-11-27 в 19.57.13

Simpals Studio contributed to the creation of a cartoon about Down Syndrome

27.11.2020 0

Simpals Studio together with A.O. Sunshine has made a very heartwarming cartoon full of sunshine. It’s about “sunshine children”. Probably there is no such person who hasn’t heard about Down …


“Report a comment” option available on

26.11.2020 0

Due to numerous requests and suggestions from our users, a new option is available on — “report a comment”. With its help, Point readers will be able to independently …


Lobster sponsoring City League competition in Beijing

26.11.2020 0

Freediving championships are gradually coming back into the athletes’ lives, and our project Lobster Freediving Weight could not miss this event. Our project supported the City League National Pool Freediving …


The autumn planting season of is over

25.11.2020 0

Eco-project has brought the autumn planting to an end. Because of the pandemic, this year the project failed to carry out all the large-scale plantings. Nevertheless, together with …


Happy Birthday,!

21.11.2020 0

Today our project is celebrating its first milestone birthday! For 5 years now, it’s been changing the idea of local entrepreneurs about e-commerce in Moldova. Every day it proves …


“Aripi” reaches Steam site

19.11.2020 0

Our cartoon “Aripi” is the first Moldovan project to appear on the world’s most popular online service for the sale of computer games and software. On November 8, Simpals Studio …

Снимок экрана 2020-11-11 в 17.43.26 completes the poll on the second round of elections in Moldova

10.11.2020 0

The independent sociological polls project has completed research on the 2020 presidential elections in Moldova. Over 7 days of voting, more than 22,500 people took part in the poll.…

123798470_2702344683313344_663766181151283630_o updated the mobile app interface

06.11.2020 0

Now the application features a new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen where the main menu items are displayed:  “Home” – press once to get back to …


Second round of the poll on got over 15,000 votes in 2 days

05.11.2020 0

On November 3, our independent sociological polls project launched an online poll for the second round of the presidential elections in Moldova. So far, over 15,000 users have voted …


RUNdemia is back in town!

03.11.2020 0

Sporter defies the autumn blues and invites everyone to the new edition of the RUNdemia 2.0 online race. November 23 – 29, everyone can try their hand. Rules are the …


ARIPI wins new awards for Best Animated Film and Best 3D Film

02.11.2020 0

While Simpals Studio introduced everyone to the new social sketches “The Ocean” and “The Harvest”, the cartoon “ARIPI” continued to attend the world festivals and brought …

Снимок экрана 2020-10-29 в 18.04.15

Aheel & СustDev: How to create a product that sells itself

29.10.2020 0

The Garage team continues to work hard on their new device, the Aheel runner insole. On the project page, they present a reality show in which they demonstrate all the …


Voting on totals over 25,000 participants

27.10.2020 0

The sociological survey on the 2020 presidential elections in Moldova on has ended, and the project has made the totals of the virtual electoral pool. In 18 days, the …


New feature “Drafts” available on

27.10.2020 0

A new feature “Drafts” is now available to users. This means that the site can store the data for an advertisement that you haven’t managed to publish. If you’re …


Aheel project updates site and launches explainer video

26.10.2020 0

After a sharp 180-degree turn from the intended strategy of startup promotion, the Aheel team sat down to work on the mistakes. And that’s what these guys are actually doing.…


Simpals Studio artist and animator will teach 2D animation

23.10.2020 0

Simpals Studio storyboard artist and 2D animator will teach aspiring animators in Moldova. For a long time, in Moldova there were no schools where they would teach to create your …


Animation editorial from Romania mentioned the new sketches by Simpals Studio

21.10.2020 0

The social sketches “The Harvest” and “The Ocean” were included in a special Romanian publication about animation — Proanimatie. Great news! Simpals Studio sketches were noticed in foreign animation!…


Camera, action, run: Online Chisinau Marathon 2020 video

20.10.2020 0

Sporter team has released the official after movie of the first online Chisinau Marathon ever! This year has got us and the whole world there: the pandemic, the quarantine, sports …


Ș is the most read Romanian language news aggregator in Moldova

19.10.2020 0

According to Gemius, the Ș portal has become the most read Romanian language news aggregator in Moldova. Our project Ș is gaining popularity among Moldovan internet users and already can …

Снимок экрана 2020-11-12 в 13.45.07

A new “making of” from Aheel team

14.10.2020 0

Aheel team is preparing something interesting. What exactly? They will tell you and show you a bit later. Until then, we suggest you watching a piece of our “making of”. …


“What you sow is what you reap” or the new sketch by Simpals Studio

13.10.2020 0

We’d like to share with you another social sketch produced by our animation studio. It is also related to ecology. “Why?” you might ask. We stand for a conscious …


15,000 people voted on in three days

12.10.2020 0

The online poll on the 2020 presidential election on is gaining momentum. 15,000 people managed to vote in the first three days after the launch of voting on the …


Sporter celebrates 8 years!

09.10.2020 0

When the Sporter project appeared 8 years ago, it was hard to imagine how much amateur sport would change in the country. But if you take a look right now, …

121220683_4765222940185379_5812229625929194634_o kicks off online presidential election

09.10.2020 0

The sociological poll site has launched online voting for the presidential elections of 2020. Citizens can vote and express their opinion on the candidate for the position of President.…

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