Ecaterina Boico- HR Director!

21.03.2022 0

We are happy to introduce to you Ekaterina Boyko, the new Simpals HR Director! Ekaterina has a great managerial experience: 14 years as a manager, 7 years as a company …


Ho-ho-ho! Christmas Gifts for Simpals Clients!

29.12.2021 0

The last years that have brought us so many changes have convinced us once again that there’s no need to wait for the right moment to realize our most daring …


Christmas gifts for employees

28.12.2021 0

In 2021, we had a chance to convince ourselves that only a strong and friendly team is capable of generating great ideas and starting innovative projects. Company employees are the …


We’re launching a new project!

04.10.2021 0

We’re launching a new project! A really cool one. It will definitely blow up the market! And we are sure that not only the Moldovan market. We’ve got great plans, …



24.09.2021 0

Hey, guys! We know that you are always looking for a job where you can both get valuable experience and work on super cool projects. What’s more, you’re paid for …


Happy 256th day!

13.09.2021 0

We dare you to count what day of the year it is today, but you can’t use a calendar or calculator. Oh yeah, it’s the 256th day. This is the …


Fruit day at Simpals

03.09.2021 0

A vitamin burst in the middle of a working day is a guarantee of a productive and good mood. And this is also a long and nice tradition at Simpals …

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Kids of the future

17.08.2021 0

Guests at Simpals are always welcome, especially those who are curious and attentive. That’s why, when we found out that the guys from @Tabăra viitorului — a project of the …


Personal Development Plan

23.07.2021 1

If your world has accelerated just like ours over the past two years, you will understand exactly what we mean. The stability that we knew has changed 🙂 Over the …


Coffe break

20.07.2021 1

Working at Simpals is not just about challenging tasks, constant growth and cool folks around from whom you learn new things every day. This is also about unusual lunch breaks …


The evolution of Simpals. Business investments

14.07.2021 1

We love our job. And we also love to talk about what’s behind the projects we promote 🙂 Our friends from Just Vlog shot an amazing video story about us. …


Prospera at Simpals

12.07.2021 1

Moldova will definitely become a business-friendly country! This is a tiny spoiler but it won’t ruin the post 🙂 And even if it takes some time, (tiny spoiler) will happen …


08.07.2021 1

The mysterious word “motivation” stops scaring you when you start … talking to employees. 🙂 The best way to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover is to turn employees into …


International nonWorkaholics Day

07.07.2021 1

Bet you know what day was yesterday? First off, Moldova has become a maritime power. Second off, the whole world celebrated the International Workaholics Day 🙂 Don’t say that you …


Simpals has a new team member

21.06.2021 1

We have great news! Simpals has a new team member – Irina Stich, Chief Marketing Officer, who will lead the marketing department. Irina has worked for the Belgian multinational company …


A new member of Simpals — Viorel Cojocari, Commercial Director

13.05.2021 1

We are honored to introduce you to the new member of Simpals — Viorel Cojocari, Commercial Director. Viorel brings 13 years of experience both on local and international level. After …


Environmental Education Day

12.05.2021 1

Every day, calendars give us a new occasion to celebrate something. Today is an important day, when we should remember once again about the planet and our future. On May …


The day of true heroes

09.05.2021 1

Today we mark the day of true heroes! The day of the heroes who lived in the middle of the last century and brought peace to the world. And also, …


Happy Easter!

02.05.2021 1

Happy Easter! May you be blessed with peace, warmth and kindness in your home! May our lives be full of Miracles!…


Happy Labor Day

01.05.2021 0

Happy Holiday everyone! Happy Labor Day! We wish you all love and passion for what you do. Year after year, research confirms that we spend at work at least a …


SONR, now available in 16 countries around the world

09.04.2021 0

Three years of labor. 7 prototype versions. Hundreds of tests and challenges, and the world’s smallest underwater transmitter for swimmers, coaches, triathletes and freedivers is ready to conquer the world! …


Simpals Studio made the world’s first 1D animated movie

02.04.2021 0

On the company’s B-day, Simpals Studio released the world’s first 1D cartoon — “1DryCat”. The idea of making a one-dimensional cartoon belongs to Dmitri Voloshin, the director and …


#HBD19 sets for Simpals residents

02.04.2021 0

On our birthday, we offer gifts not just to our friends and users, but also to our employees. And if Simpals residents don’t go party (we mean a Bday party, …


Happy Birthday Simpals! We are 19 years old!

01.04.2021 0

On our birthday we usually take stock and make new plans. This is why we are happy to tell you about our eighteenth year. Over the past year, a lot …


“The Flat” earned a medal from Florida

23.03.2021 0

It has been a long time since we shared the news with you. So, let’s get it fixed! Especially that we have something to share. We have already told you …


A new HR Director in our Simpals team!

17.03.2021 0

Meet Iulia Mașcauțan – HR Director in our large team. Iulia has been working in HR for 10 years. For more than 3 years she recruited staff in the HR-Consulting …


Pancake Kings at Simpals

16.03.2021 0

Did you have any idea that there are Pancake Kings among Simpals employees? It turned out by surprise when we had a competition for the most creative pancakes. It happens …


Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director

01.03.2021 0

Digital Marketing department at Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director! Welcome Evgeny Martynov, who has joined our team! For 8 years, Evgeny has worked for Puma, where he walked …

i turned 15 years!

20.02.2021 0

Today,the most popular news aggregator in Moldova, and one of the Simpals projects –, celebrates its birthday! Turning 15! Every day, the team overcomes stormy information flows, skillfully maneuvers …


Simpals appoints Eugeniu Procopi as Director of Sporter

18.02.2021 0

We’re happy to introduce you a new member of the Simpals team – Eugeniu Procopi, Director of Sporter organization! Eugeniu has been in the field of sports for 8 years. …


Happy B-day, Forum!

01.02.2021 0

Today is the B-day of one of the oldest Simpals project —! Believe it or not, it still remembers the ICQ Uh Oh! sound, a world without YouTube, and …


Simpals appoints Maxim Banga as Chief Financial Officer

26.01.2021 0

We are honored to introduce you to the new Simpals CFO, Maxim Banaga. Maxim has over 13 years of experience in the finance sector. He has worked for international companies …


Sporter restarts the legendary Rubicon

21.01.2021 0

“Friends, the RUBICON is back in Moldova!”. This is how the new year 2021 started at Sporter. We’ve had no events for a whole year and it seems like we’ve …


Obscene usernames and avatars will be blocked on

18.01.2021 0

The team continues to change and complete the functionality of the site to make communication in comments even more pleasant for users. Now the site will block the ability …


Simpals confirmed ISO compliance

15.01.2021 0

There are some events that you want to share over and over again. We’re talking about a very important test in every company’s life — ISO certification. This is …


New Year’s Eve results or Demo Day 2.0

30.12.2020 0

The rule here at Simpals is to sum up the results on New Year’s Eve. So, DemoDay has become a good practice. Each team speaks about what they have achieved …


Simpals gifts: 2021 edition

30.12.2020 0

You should start the new year right – with a huge charge of vitamins, good (bottled) mood, and, of course, a clean sheet! We believe that if something is missing …

profi 1200 px

Happy Birthday,!

28.12.2020 0

Today is a special day for specialists, experts and seasoned professionals! Our specialist search service turns three! Every day, the project team helps residents of Moldova find the most …


Aheel team produced a new version of the device

18.12.2020 0

Continuous testing and CustDev results have pushed Aheel to sweeping changes. It turned out that users want the device to be able to collect more information and analytics. The team …


Project turned 21 years!

05.12.2020 0

Today is celebrating the 21st birthday! The age of consent, right? And all this time, 999 has been assisting you in your sales and purchases. 21 years of 24/7 …

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