Aheel project on quarantine
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18 September 2020

Covid-19 detected in Simpals! Aheel goes to quarantine. Our founder and CEO of Aheel Dmitri Voloshin, fell sick with the coronavirus. Dmitri and his family have self-isolated at home and are undergoing treatment.

The company has taken all safety measures to stop the infection from spreading. The entire Aheel team works remotely.

Despite the remote format, work is in full swing. The team will still talk about how it works on the project, enjoy us with new and useful videos, and share its insights. Aheel startup is going to be unusual for us: it is a new experience, a new level. Covid-19 is sort of a business challenge.

Dmitry Voloshin told about how the project work in quarantine in the live broadcast “Aheel LIVE #2. Quarantine VS Startup“. 

PS: Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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