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Simpalsean brought together 40 musicians in a video

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At Simpals there are people who are not afraid to set ambitious goals and achieve very cool results. The frontman of the post-hardcore band “and all i can say is” …

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Simpals -Redirect [Video]

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We are already taking root in the new office: inventing new rules, studying new routes, dreaming of new projects and preparing for new events. Lots of new things, have you …


Vitamins Day

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Since it’s winter and working Saturday, we decided to charge our bodies with vitamins A, B, C and E to boost our mood, and at the same time strengthen the …

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Simpals: from the beginning to infinity (and beyond)

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Who can speak about a company better than its employees? Especially for you, we managed to obtain a video signed as “Absolutely Secret”, which will reveal you the Simpals history …


Saturday voluntary work day at Simpals

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“Toamna mândră, harnică și de bunuri darnică a-mpărţit a ei comori…”. “Унылая пора! Очей очарованье! Приятна мне твоя прощальная краса…”.” How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light …

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Simpals Studio participated in the animation conference „Mooove!”

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On 4 November 2018, Kyiv hosted thematic conference “Mooove! Animation Magic Conference” – the thematic conference where leading animation industry specialists from Ukraine, Ireland, France and Moldova shared their experiences …


Trick or photo

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It is no secret that the most awful photos are passport pictures 🙂 It seems that the hairstyle is right and the makeup is perfect, but still – the photo …


Simpals Studio artist Dmitrii Travniсov spoke at ICT Career Orientation 2018

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  On Thursday, October 25, at Tekwill Excellence Center, the largest professional event “ICT Career Orientation 2018” took place. Leading IT and creative industry specialists of Moldova, including Dmitrii Travniсov …


Roman Stirbu was awarded a medal “For Cooperation”

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Roman Stirbu’s medal collection has been enriched with a new specimen — the medal “For Cooperation”. On October 23, the distinction was awarded by the Deputy Chief of the General …


Studii.md and Bunicii Grijulii will work on ensuring pupil safety

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On Tuesday, October 23, a working meeting took place with the Deputy Chief of the General Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova – …


Sergey Kirillov, CG Supervisor of Simpals Studio, spoke at Chisinau Mini Maker Faire 2018

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October 13, the Tekwill ICT Excellence Center hosted a festival of technologies, inventions and creative industry for the whole family — Chișinău Mini Maker Faire 2018. The event was held …


Sorry, Chuck, but Roman is cooler than you!

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Roman Fedorovicch turns 39 (but we’re not sure!). We are completely comfortable with showing you a full version (that is, the complete photo album) of qualities possessed by our birthday …


Simpals’ Dirty Party

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What to do, if the Chisinau Marathon, the largest event of this autumn is drawing nearer, and half of the staff run more slowly than the Galapagos Torrtoise? That’s right, …


One more challenge! Chisinau Marathon 2018

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Sporter invites all wishing athletes to register for Chisinau International Marathon 2018, that will be held on September 30. Within the framework of Chisinau International Marathon, this year the following …


Kids at ARTICO got into Simpals world of animation

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No matter if you like or not to deliver speeches, when you have a passion for something, you can talk about it for hours. That’s exactly the case of Simpals …


The most vivid impressions of glodiators

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Simpalsers got tired of office life: starched collars, white shirts, … And so they ventured into the dirtiest event of the year – Glodiator (from “glod”, meaning “mud” in Romanian). …


AISE students visiting Simpals Studio

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For someone, summer vacations are entertainment and idle pastime, for others, the warm months of the year are not a reason to take a break from learning new things! This …


Purcari Wine Run: we know how to combine camping, running and wine

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  On September 1to 2, the unique trail race – Purcari Wine Run 2018 will take place. This is an amateur race for those who want to spend the night in …


Sergey Kirillov made a presentation at the “Konik Festival 2018”

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The Independent International Short Film Festival “Konik 2018” is over. Within 5 days, from August 8th to 12th, the best short films of this year were presented on five venues …


Simpals HR revealing company culture from the inside

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On August 10th, Simpals company HR department delivered a presentation in RVC summer school 🙂 RVC Summer School specializes in self-development training and seminars, therefore inviting speakers from various areas.…


“Hit-or-miss manner”

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Did you know what “magic” properties the watermelon has? In addition to the vitamins C, B1, B2, carotene, folic acid, pantothenic acid and many other difficult words, the watermelon fills …

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Bossa Nojki

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Today our company celebrates a super important date for everybody:  Master’s Birthday! A beautiful poetical greeting in verse, which can’t be translated, is available at the following link (link …


Simple adventure

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Midsummer is finished. We’ve been through with most events: Triathlon Triumph, Sea Mile, FOSFOR. So we can have a sigh of relief and, main thing, take a break when needed.…


Glodiator Mud Race – There’s gonna be mud!

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  It’s time to change out of your clean clothes into gladiator armor! 🙂 We suggest you to put yourself to the test and take part in a 5-kilometer obstacle …


Simpals Studio at Kino Short -20:18-

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In the Republic of Moldova, short films are rapidly gaining popularity. At present, almost everyone has the opportunity to make short films, given that the equipment necessary for this is …


Simpals team – carrots for blood

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Today, June 14, Simpals team celebrated World Blood Donor Day. Guess how? Sure, we wanted to run a contest for the best Jack the Ripper and Bloody Mary but thought …

The first day at Simpals

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I have two phobias in my life: I have fear of heights and of working in an office. Yesterday I said goodbye to my second phobia. Fear starts dispersing as …


Dmitri Voloshin was speaker at “No Rest OM Fest 2018”

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On Saturday, May 19, the annual fitness festival in Moldova “No Rest OM Fest 2018” was held. The fest took place on the territory of Moldexpo, where sports fans and …


Dmitri Voloshin was awarded Moldova’s state distinction for contribution to sports development

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On Friday, May 18, Moldovan President Igor Dodon awarded the Civic Merit Medal to the founder of the public sports organization Sporter, president of the National Triathlon Federation of Moldova, …


A girl from Simpals – the fastest at Wings for Life Chișinău

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Simpals not only promotes sports. The company employees prove that they do sports and they do it quite intensively. A further proof is that the assistant to general director, Iulia …


Giant yummies offered by Chișinău Is ME

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Who doesn’t dream about a huge slice of pizza, or a giant burger, or some ice cream that never ends? Chișinău Is ME decided to make these dreams a reality… …


Crossing the capital on two wheels – Chișinău Criterium 2018

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On May 12 and 13, the Great National Assembly Square was the meeting place for cyclists of all ages. On Saturday, there were held teh competitions for cyclists aged 5-13. …


Angry Birds – the new art object by Chisinau Is ME

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The famous urban art project Chisinau IS ME has participated with a new art object in Good Deeds Day – an annual activity. Through the artists efforts, characters from the …


Little inquiring minds again in Simpals Studio

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There are a few things, interest in which will never come to an end: the origin of the universe, the Bermuda Triangle and Simpals animated cartoons. Last weekend, on May …


VERDE.MD: 10 more trees planted in the „Alunelul” park

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Ten more young trees were planted in the “Alunelul” park in Chisinau. Thanks to the non-profit eco project Verde.md and volunteers, All Gold ashes and Norway maples were planted on …


Return faith to the veterans 2018

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Every year on May 9, the public organization Forum holds a major event – Wерни Wетеранам Wеру (Return faith to the veterans). This is the day when activists …


Students from Prospera again visiting Simpals

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Good organizations must keep good relationships:) Students from Prospera Academy came to visit us, they liked it and decided to re-visit. This time we were visited by a group of …


Simpals specialists on the jury panel at Golden Byte 2018

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Imagine a new world that you should create – what would the sky look like? Or would you have a sky there? In a virtual world, the limits can go …


Serghei Kirillov among the mentors of Garage48

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Participants in Garage48 Chișinău Hackathon 2018 were trained with specialists in various fields who shared their views, advice and ideas about applications or platforms developed by the team. One of …


Lobster attended the Rockit Moldova 2018 conference

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The father of the Lobster project, Dmitri Voloshin, attended Rockit Moldova 2018 – the international conference, held in Chisinau today, April 27. In his speech, Dmitri spoke about how the …


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