Let’s give children the New Year – we did it!

24.12.2012 0

Our friendly company would like to thank everyone who took part in the charity event “Let’s give children the New Year”. We did it!…


The Animated Film “Money”

23.12.2012 0

“Money”is an animated film about the history of money.…


Public demands!

17.12.2012 0

Once upon a time in a very dark city…on a very dark street…the StopHam delegation was giving an interview to Publika TV channel.…


Publika TV’s invitation

17.12.2012 0

Once upon a time in a very dark city…on a very dark street…the StopHam delegation was giving an interview to Publika TV channel. Did they come uninvited? No, they were …


Let’s give children the New Year!

14.12.2012 0

The holidays are coming…but for some people this time of the year is more difficult. Let’s restore together faith in the magic of the New Year.…


Do you need some experience?

13.12.2012 0

Last week our studio was visited by two young people: Mihaela and Daniel.…


Online store 999.md celebrates its 3-year anniversary!

11.12.2012 0

This is us- the team of the online store 999.md. We’re 3 years old! In fact, we’re a serious company, the cake on our faces was made in Photoshop!…


Startup Weekend Moldova. The 3rd edition.

20.11.2012 0

The third Startup Weekend took place from 16 to 18 November. Find out who won, what projects were presented and who was invited to the business incubator Simpals Garage.…


“StopHam” in Moldova. Women behind the wheel

20.11.2012 0

Beware! There is a female shoe sign on the car and a woman behind the wheel! Delicate and fragile creatures object to being told where to park. Brave Amazons fight …


We were on TV!

20.11.2012 0

Simpals was invited to the morning show on STS TV channel. The director of the film- Dmitry Voloshin, art-director- Serdar Djumaev and the head of 3D department -Serghey Kirillov assumed …


SWM, third edition: Simpals Garage goes “hunting”

14.11.2012 0

Talented and promising, persistent and creative! Do not forget that this weekend (16-18 November) another Startup Weekend will take place. What is a startup weekend? …


1 000 000 unique visitors per month!

13.11.2012 0

Hooray! 999.md passed the barrier of 1 000 000 unique visitors per month.…


The premiere of the animated series “Dji. Death Fails”

05.11.2012 0

  On November 4, at the festival Anim’est 2012 the company Simpals presented its new animated film about a grim reaper named Dji.…

Снимок экрана 2012-11-02 в 18.13.12

A New Animated Film Created by Simpals

03.11.2012 0

On November 4, the company “Simpals” will release the first episode of the prequel to the animated feature film “The Gypsy”..…


«Let your enthusiasm turn into money!» Another crash-test successfully completed!

03.11.2012 0

Last Saturday, on October 27, the third crash-test organized by Simpals Garage business incubator was held in Moldova.…


“StopHam” in Moldova. The First Video Report

26.10.2012 0

“StopHAM” has started. And we have the first results!…


Improvement of 999.md

25.10.2012 0

Due to fast-growing popularity our 999.md couldn’t sustain the pressure. But don’t panic! We’re fixing it. …


Softball Tournament

29.09.2012 0

Continuing the tradition of healthy outdoor activities, our  employees decided to try themselves in softball.…


Simpals feat. Velohora – promoting healthy lifestyle!

25.09.2012 0

Sunday, September 23, was marked by the event which has become a tradition for Chisinau. Velohora 2012 gathered thousands of professional and amateur cyclists in the center of the capital.…

Outdoor 156

Simpals organized a football flash mob

16.09.2012 0

On Sunday, September 16, 2012 the mini-football tournament among Simpals employees was held on the main street of the capital. We thought that in order to experience the thrill of …


The Cartoon “Washing Machine”

07.09.2012 0

The cartoon “Washing Machine” is dedicated to the history of the washing machine and its development.…


Simpals Team-Building– Paintball 2012

03.09.2012 0

The current painball tournament among our employees was not the first experience for many players. The team-building took place on Thursday, September 6, on the territory of the painball club …

awrora_tw00 (1) copy

The launch of video channels on Play.md

13.07.2012 0

We have launched a new section on the site Play.md – video channels.…


Simpals Garage – Online partner of the National Business Plan Competition for Young People

09.07.2012 0

On July 6, 2012 the final stage of the 7th National Business Plan Competition for young people took place in the capital city. The competition was held from February to …


Play.md announces the video startup competition

03.07.2012 0

The first moldovan internet television Play.md announces the start of the video-startup competition. Play.md is the biggest video portal in the network of Moldova, online television which operates on the …


“The Phonograph” cartoon

02.07.2012 0

The cartoon “Phonograph” is about the history of phonograph invention. What were the disadvantages of the first phonograph?…


Simpals Meets the Participants of the Startup Weekend Moldova 2012.

21.06.2012 0

We organized a meeting with the participants of the Startup Weekend Moldova 2012 that had been held at the beginning of June. The meeting brought together the representatives of the …


Launch of the "Currency Converter" on the portal Point.md

10.06.2012 0

Point.md has a new section! We have added the option – exchange rate Awareness in this issue will save you time and money, every day.…


Totals for Simpals Garage partnership with Startup Weekend Moldova 2012

05.06.2012 0

The second Startup Weekend Moldova took place from June 1st – 3d, 2012 and brought together young professionals and novice IT entrepreneurs, sponsors with Simpals Garage as one of the …


Children’s tour of the animation studio Simpals

01.06.2012 0

Do you remember the childhood – plasticine, markers, coloured chalk or pencils? Full pants of joy! As it turned out, the interests of children don’t change over time. And it …


Dedicated to the boys and girls… 2012

28.05.2012 0

June 1 – International Children’s Day! Every year we congratulate the orphans from various orphanages! And 2012 won’t be an exception! Therefore, we again want to bring together caring people …


The “Triplex” cartoon

24.05.2012 0

The Triplex – a cartoon about the car glass, and the history of invention triplex.…


Return the faith to the veterans 2012

01.05.2012 0

Wерни Wетеранам Wеру.Return the faith to the veterans. Every year, users of FORUM.MD organize a charity event for the veterans of World War II. …

Online Shop 999: Sales Training from Nokia

28.04.2012 0

The workers of Online Shop 999 are regularly visiting trainings to improve the skills. This time, the training was organized by the company Nokia. Today, the company Nokia is supporting …


Two years of “Mafia” in Chisinau

15.04.2012 0

The official opening of the club was held on April 15, 2010 in one of the capital’s restaurants. So, for the past two years in our country there is a …


The cartoon “Baby stroller”

12.04.2012 0

The first film for the video-show Galileo is about the history of the invention and modernization of the stroller.…


The launch of the unified system of logging SimpalsID

01.04.2012 0

In order to simplify working with portals point.md, play.md, numbers.md we decided to combine them under one roof through a unified system of logging.…


The new version of the Moldovan video hosting PLAY.MD

01.04.2012 0

A new version of the Moldovan video hosting Play.md was launched – the portal became now more stable and extremely fast!…


The launch of the internet sales-house NUMBERS.MD

01.04.2012 0

Numbers – it is an internet sales-House, that combines the best platforms of Moldnet. We have created a system that will allow you to place online ads using a single …


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