999.md – Free registration of your company

30.12.2006 0

We’ve launched the  free registration of the companies on the largest business portal Moldova. The price of the company will be included in the general pricelist of the Moldovan companies, …


YesToday ’13 – “A total masquerade”

21.12.2006 0

So, when is the New Year???? Like when? December 21. It has become a good tradition to celebrate the New Year in advance. So, this time too, Yes.md has celebrated …

Sticker and Daily – VIP ads on 999.md

20.12.2006 0

Sticker – are the ads that are always at the top of the page, compared to the simple ads that go to the bottom of the page while other ads …


Cannes Lions in Moldova 2006

16.12.2006 0

Our company has won the top prize in the nomination “Non-alcoholic beverages” at the festival “Cannes Lions” in Moldova 2006. …

We’ve launched the site of the company “Natur Bravo”

01.12.2006 0

We’ve launched the site of one of the largest manufacturers of canned foods in Moldova, the company «Natur Bravo». …


We’ve launched the new version of 999.md

09.11.2006 0

November 9, 2006 – we’ve launched the new version of the bulletin board 999.md! …

We’ve launched the site of the “Chisinau” beer – www.berechisinau.md

06.11.2006 0

The site  www.berechisinau.md is a gallery of vivid pictures with glasses of fresh beer and Moldavian landscapes, history and brewing technology, news and up-to-date information on shares held by the …

The technical update of the servers of Yes.md and Forum.md

17.10.2006 0

Dear users of the Internet portals Forum.md and Yes.md, due to the increased traffic on our web-sites we conduct technical update of the servers. The access to the sites will …


YesToday’12 – “Yes2Years”

12.10.2006 0

Birthday – sad holiday?? Not for us.For two long years, many residents of the capital have dual registration – and the Yes.md registration for them is sometimes more important than …


The newspaper “SMS Market” is now 25% larger

11.10.2006 0

Beginning with the fourth issue, the newspaper «SMS Market» is increased by 25%. The increase in pages touched such headings as “Real estate”, “Transport”, “Computers and Office equipment, “Telephones and …


The commercial for NESTLE “Get the chocolate jackpot”

05.10.2006 0

NESTLE Promo – what won’t you do for a delicious chocolate bar! …

YESclusive Party! (off. minioff) – October 3, in the SUBMARINE Military Pub

03.10.2006 0

Only for the residents of Yes.md, the SUBMARINE Military Pub is waiting for you today, Tuesday at 21:00 on YESclusive party where only for the residents of the portal…


The launch of the newspaper “SMS Market”

29.09.2006 0

We’ve launched the project SMS-Market. SMS-Market is an ad newspaper, though not all that easy. SMS-Market is Moldova’s first print SMS project.…

Take a look at life from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE with KENT

28.09.2006 0

On September 28, 2006 we’ve launched the second version of the promo-site for the cigarette brand KENT of the company “British American Tobacco – Moldova”. We had worked along with …


The first issue of the sms newspaper “SMS Market”

27.09.2006 0

On September 27, 2006, the company «Simpals» has launched the first, unparalleled print SMS project – the newspaper «SMS Market». …


Our people on Dom-2

25.09.2006 0

On September 14, our video chat was visited by a participant of the reality show Dom-2 – Lamin Malla.…

The weather for the current day on Point.md

11.09.2006 0

Our company has developed the technology of on-line temperature sensor. The value of the air temperature is measured every 30 seconds up to one tenth of a degree. …


YesToday’ 11 – “YES”

01.09.2006 0

Despite all the troubles and stalemate that happened before the celebration, WE HAD FINALLY MET. So, Faraon Club, September 1, the Day of Knowledge for the most of people came …


OFFline 24 – People of the FORUM, unite yourselves! FORUM.MD

01.09.2006 0

I. Introduction September 1 – Knowledge Day in our country. On this day we decided to please the guys who are studying in a boarding school for children with mental …

The TV program guide on the portal Point.md

07.08.2006 0

We’ve launched the TV program guide of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and other countries on the portal Point.md. …

Colored ads on 999.md

02.08.2006 0

After the launch on March 20, 2006, of the service SMSMARKET,which allows you add ads on the portal 999.md via SMS, the Simpals Company has decided to provide regular …



21.07.2006 0

Summer, a pool with cool water and offline… What could be better? Once again, the brilliant idea to spend offline of the Forum at the pool was supported by more …


17.07.2006 0

Our company has developed a server and client software, and the SMS service for the promotional campaign “IN THE WORLD OF INNOVATION ALONG WITH KENT», organized by “British American …


The promo clip for the “Rock Festival Stary Melnik 2006”

10.07.2006 0

The feature of the video is a very unexpected approach to the concept of the clip,, compared to the previous year! Very original and memorable.…


YesToday’10 – sTOP_KAdr

07.07.2006 0

On July 7, in the “Moscova” club was held the anniversary party Yestoday 10, dedicated to the finishing of the non-reality show “Topka” (furnace), held as part of the information …

The internet television of the city Yes.md

25.06.2006 0

Dear residents, Now you have the opportunity the programs of the internet TV of the city Yes.md…

The launch of the RSS technology

24.06.2006 0

The launch of the RSS technology on Forum.md and Yes.md. RSSis a modern technology, which allows you to publish and broadcast almost any material from any site (starting …


Upload your favorite photos on your mobile phone

24.06.2006 0

The free service of the youth portal Yes.md – “mobile content WAP PHOTO” – allows you to upload your favorite photos on your mobile phone. …

We’re starting the “KVN”!

17.06.2006 0

Dear Residents of Yes.md, Doors KVN opened – be dug! January 25, at 17: 00 in Balti will be held the music festival KVN – “North Pole of Moldova-2006.”…

The SMS-voting WEBTOP 2005 = RESULTS =

16.06.2006 0

Dear Citizens of the First Virtual City YES.MD, Yesterday, January 15, 2006, had ended the first SMS-voting in the contest WebTop-2005, the category of virtual communities.…

Snowman Action = 5th of December = Sculpting the SNOWMAN

04.06.2006 0

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Yes.md, Look out the window, the winter is beautiful! So let’s go out and share the winter fun.…


Cronograf 2006 — 1st place in the category «Best infomercial»

03.06.2006 0

The commercial «Rock Festival Stary Melnik», made by our company, took the 1st place in the category «Best infomercial» at the International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRAF — 2006.…


The launch of the non-reality show “TOPKA”

01.06.2006 0

Simpals is pleasing us with a new product – a NON-reality online show with a double name TOPKA (furnace).…


OFFLINE 22 «Dedicated to the boys and girls…» FORUM.MD

01.06.2006 0

I. introduction June 1. Dedicated to the boys and girls… UNESCO dedicated June 1 to the children, calling it the World Children’s Day. On this day, adults try to pay …

Our city was visited by more than a million travelers

23.05.2006 0

Dear residents, We can proudly affirm to all that the tourism in our city is developing at full speed. During the year, we attracted more than one million travelers according …


Yandex partners in the Regional Program

20.05.2006 0

Our company has become the official partner of Yandex in its regional program with the Internet portal POINT.MD…

We’ve launched the site of the beer Vitanta Extra Premium

15.05.2006 0

The official launch of the site of “Vitanta Extra Premium” beer – EXTRA.MD. On the site you have the ability to view all Extra parties, also get photos …


YesToday’9 – Mini’2006: It cannot be shorter!

05.05.2006 0

It turned out that it can be! We proved it on May 5 at in the “TRILUX” club. Another party of the YESers was held under the slogan IT CANNOT …

The infomercial “Chisinau-Safe”

30.04.2006 0

Thecommercial for the beer Chisinau – “Chisinau-Safe”, is made entirely in 3D, in a fairly short time. …


04.04.2006 0

Dear Residents YES.MD, we hasten to announce great news: Thanks to the divine beauty of our resident, virtual Community Yes.md was named as the most active member beauty …


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