Hello, Halloween!

04.11.2014 tagged as ,

What time of the year can you find a tombstone at your workplace? Or bump into a bat in the hall? Or get trapped in a dark office corridor together with your colleagues? The only source of light is a Jack-o’-lantern and the screen which displays tasks that everyone has to perform. Only after completing all the tasks, you’ll get the key to your freedom…Muahaha!!!


Of course, these things may happen only on Halloween! This is how the employees of Simpals celebrated this holiday which has already become quite popular in our country.


Halloween was celebrated in due form. It was frightfully funny, dreadfully exciting and terrifyingly interesting! The employees coped with all the tasks as they worked together as one despite the fact that Mr. X assigned tasks to different departments.


The key to exit doors was found! But as it turned out, it was not the exit, but the entrance to an office where everyone could enjoy tasty treats, music and lights!!



Happy Halloween, Everyone!


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