Public demands!

17.12.2012 tagged as

Once upon a time in a very dark city…on a very dark street…the StopHam delegation was giving an interview to Publika TV channel.

Did they come uninvited? No, they were asked to come.

The initiative StopHam group (Moldova) was invited to the program Vox Publika.

The main question of the program was “How to improve the situation on the roads?”

Roman Kirilich, Dorian Doronchanu and Evgheny Marinescu (which surprised us, as Evgheny is a programmer, but in his free time he turned out to be a biker) were kindly invited by the editors of the program. A dozen of guests, who are road users themselves, discussed on the air who is to blame and what to do. What conclusions were drawn, see for yourself.

In the meantime, let us remind you that the new edition of StopHam in Moldova is coming soon!

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