Conquering the 6th Continent!

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It’s true that our animated film has been on every continent except Australia. But now it’s just a matter of time.

One of the most significant festivals in the world invited “Dji. Death Fails” to participate in the competition.

It’s the – Melbourne International Animation Festival or MIAF. Each year the organizers select around 350-400 films for screening at the festival. When you submit your film to MIAF, your film is automatically considered for each of the following festivals:

1. The Australian International Animation Festival

2. The UTS Sydney International Animation Festival

3. The London International Animation Festival

4. The New Zealand Film Festival

How did it happen? One morning we received the following e-mail:


I am the Director of the Melbourne International Animation Festival …

…I saw your film in the Anima Mundi program (I was not able to attend the screening myself but a colleague who attended on my behalf recommended your film to me) and I think I remember also seeing it in the Annecy line-up and I am writing to you to ask if you would be interested in submitting it to the juries of the festivals I work for».

This is how it happened. “Wow, it’s cool!!!”- we thought and sent our film to the festival. The event will take place next summer in Melbourne (quite logical).

P.S. In general, everything is OK , even our film travels more than we do…

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