Let’s give children the New Year!

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The holidays are coming…but for some people this time of the year is more difficult. Let’s restore together faith in the magic of the New Year.

Let’s organize a party and fulfill the dreams of the children who are deprived of one of the most important senses- hearing.

We suggest to raise funds for the special school №12 for deaf and hearing-impaired children, in order to help them not only celebrate the holiday, but also repair the school.
The school takes care of 120 children.

The most important things we want to get for children:
– fruit (you can’t celebrate the New Year without mandarins!)
– equipment for classrooms and hearing-impaired children.

The most important things for reparation:
– linoleum (14 classes, 6 rooms)
– ventilation in the kitchen (now it’s not functioning)

Our goal is to raise funds and congratulate children on Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well as to provide everything the school and children need.

The fundraising is done on “give as much as you can” principle, from December 13 to 21, in the office of the company “Simpals” (ask Irina or Victoria). You can transfer money to the WebMoney purse (Z340228912010) or bring it to I. Neculce 5 (second floor, office Simpals). For all questions, please call 79880020 (Irina) or 079996981 (Victoria).

We all come from childhood, a place where belief in New Year’s magic is unwavering. We don’t want the children think that the holidays are great only for those who have money. These children don’t have it. Let’s help them together!
We’re going to visit the school on December 21. We’ll welcome everyone who will join us!

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