Do you need some experience?

13.12.2012 tagged as , , , ,

Last week our studio was visited by two young people: Mihaela and Daniel.

It was a peaceful Friday, we were working as usual, our bosses left to participate in a festival, and suddenly we heard: “Hello! We’re Mihaela Curmei and Daniel Bizdiga, we came to learn from your experience”. After giving it some thought, we decided: “Why not share our experience with young specialists? We’re not losing anything”.

OK, we’ll give you what you asked for! We made a tour around the company for our guests, showed them the inner world of the company that developed such projects as:, online store 999,,, Simpals animation studio,, and others.

The most pleasant thing was that the guys took part in the creation of one of the episodes of “Dji. Death fails”. They got so carried away with it, that they even forgot about lunch.

The day passed very quickly. Before saying goodbye to our guests, we apologized for the informal atmosphere that prevailed in the company. But they loved it!

Here’s what we discovered after a few days in our mailbox:


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