We’re Ready for Holidays!

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It’s never too late to start drawing, but the sooner you do it, the better.


That’s why shortly before New Year we decided to visit children in the boarding school №3. We were warmly welcomed by the boys and girls, who as it turned out, liked to draw. We asked them to draw a Christmas card. What came out of it, you’ll find out a little bit later.

Now we’ll tell you how everything went.

Briefly: we arrived, became acquainted with children, handed out sketchbooks, explained, showed, helped, collected the results, left and put it all together into a greeting card. Voila … And now more details.

We spent about 3 hours with the children. During this time we managed not only to tell and show them how animated greeting cards are made, but also to draw with them. We showed the boys greeting cards and cartoons produced by the animation studio Simpals. Here you can see them as well.

If you want to ask, how one can draw a greeting card without knowing how to do it?
We’ll answer. In fact, it’s very simple. You should just take a sketchbook and in the corner of each page draw your character in motion. Many of you did it at school.
What did we draw with the guys? A Christmas card. (Thanks Cap). In order to understand what must be depicted on a Christmas card we had carried out a research, having spent 25 years of our life…and then we asked the children what they associate with this holiday. We were pleased with the answers!

1. Snow, snowflakes
2. Christmas trees
3. Presents
4. Champagne (Hey, you’re still children by the way!!!)
5. Snowman
6. Father Frost and Snow Maiden
7. Fireworks

Starting from this, we handed out tasks and got down to work.
When something went wrong, we were always ready to help and give some advice. After all, we had professional artists with us. We’d like to thank again Serdar, Sasha, Lev and Igor.

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