Mafia.MD Club took third place in Mafia World Championship!

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Mafia Teams World Championship 2013 took place in Kiev. Moldovan participants played so well that managed to capture third place behind the clubs from Ukraine that won silver and gold medals.

The difference between the 2nd and 3rd place was just 1 point (65 and 64 points, respectively).

For two days (2-3 March) the teams from different countries competed for the title of the Best Team in Mafia game. The overall ranking included 40 teams (160 people) from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Israel and Moldova. In Kiev Moldova was represented by 2 teams of 4 people: Mafia MD Club (Eduard Ruban «Mr. Smith,» Lucia Marian «Mrs. Smith,» Anna Donchak «Venerka», Sergey Olaru «Legend») and the team of «Mafia Club» (Evgheny Figursky «Spirit», Alexandr Kostyuk «Laffey», Evgheny Skobtsov «Michigan», Valerian Sufray «SSS»).

The Moldovan teams showed an excellent game. Mafia MD took third place, Mafia Club — 19th place.

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