How sports can change lives. The story of Dmitri Voloshin.

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Dmitri Voloshin is the owner of the company “Simpals”. Just year and a half ago, we could have put a period at the end of this phrase =) Of course, Dmitri has too many achievements to his credit that can’t be listed in one sentence. But, that’s not the point. Now you simply can’t put a period here. Because Dmitri Voloshin is not only the owner of the company “Simpals”, but also a crazy amateur sportsman. =)

And this is not a joke. Dmitri really became interested in sports and for the moment has several major sporting events on his account: the half-marathon in Barcelona (42,195 m), the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim (6500 m in open water). Now he is preparing himself for the Ironman competition (4 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run, and all this takes place during one day without a break).

In addition to that, the manufacturer of the drinking water “OM” invited Dmitri to take part in their advertising campaign and tell the people why he goes in for sports.

Take a look!

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