Online store celebrates its 3-year anniversary!

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This is us- the team of the online store We’re 3 years old! In fact, we’re a serious company, the cake on our faces was made in Photoshop!

So, 3 years is a considerable period of time!!!What have we achieved to date? Well…we were, are and will try to be the most convenient online store for you!

Dry, but indicative figures:
1. Sales revenue increased by 63% (compared to last year).
2. There appeared new sections in the store: seasonal products (Christmas trees, Christmas toys, etc.), bathroom fixtures, minicomputers, video recorders).
3. The store receives over 100,000 unique daily visitors.

By the way, we’re ready for holidays! Together with the website the online store 999 organizes a campaign in support of environmental protection. Don’t cut down trees! Give birth to children instead! Dear parents, if you have a child, you get a 5% discount on one artificial Christmas tree, for two children- 8%, three children- 10%, four children- 11%. If you have five children- our congratulations to you and a discount as well!
Visit our store!

The address of our store remains unchanged:

Happy holidays to all of you!

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