Attention! You’re on the air!

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Do you have something to say to people? Or, maybe, not only to say, but also to show? Or maybe you like to peep into another person’s life, hiding in the shadow?? Well…then you’re welcome! (some ominous music starts playing).

We have good news for you! Now on the website anyone can set up their own online broadcast!

Visit the website where in “Broadcasts” section you can peep at everyone who lives in real time!

How does it look?

When you place the cursor on the desired broadcast, you’ll see who is hiding there. Approximately like this.


Do you want to start broadcasting by yourself?? It’s easy! To the left of the list of all online broadcasts there is a magic button – ”start broadcasting”. You’ll need a computer and a webcam (well, and a microphone).

This is what the broadcast look like when you start it.


That’s it! Talk and communicate as there is an available chat with the visitors of your broadcast!

Something else:


At the bottom of the window with the broadcast, you can find out the exact number of those who are watching you and the total number of those who have visited your broadcast.

Do you want to invite friends? Feel free to e-mail them the link labeled with a red arrow.

Just look what technology has achieved!

By the way, if you watch TV, then we have another good news for you! Now the website offers a great possibility to monitor your time spent watching television for your benefit. Lean more here.

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