Hello, May I Apply For a Visa?

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The list of festivals that accepted our film for screening has been updated. We were invited to a few more animation festivals. So now we need to hurry up and apply for a visa =)

Let’s start.

We were invited without the preliminary selection (wow!) to the 15th International Festival of Animation in Wiesbaden – 15th International Festival of Animation in Wiesbaden “Best of International Animation 2012/2013”.

From 17 to 20 October, the organizers promise a rich program consisting of international premieres. The festival itself is held in an old castle, (note: “Filme im Schloss” is translated from German as “Films in the Castle”), so we can kill two birds with one stone: watch the films and get acquainted with the local ghosts =)СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ ФЕС

The next festival is held in Italy – Reggio Film Festival.

According to the organizers, the festival program will include hundreds of short films from all the continents, famous guests and discussions of interesting matters related to the production of short films. These are the key elements of the Reggio Film Festival which we hope to see this year as well.СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ ФЕСТ

In October we’re also invited to Canada –  Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamigue.

The history of this festival dates back to the 80s of the 20th century when three ardent cinema lovers organized the Semaine du cinéma québécois en Abitibi-Témiscamingue in 1981. In 1982, they held the first edition of the Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. In 2001, it was recognized as the friendliest festival on the planet. So we hope that the festival will give us a warm welcome from 26 to 31 October as this event takes place from the last Saturday of October to the following Thursday. Oh, Canada!=)

Now let’s move to the south, and namely to Greece.


This festival will show the movies of friends. No, we didn’t get there through good connections. Everything is fair. We were invited to this festival which is actually called «Friends Movies». It’s held in Loutraki (Greece) from 5 to 12 October. The festival is quite young being held for the second time.СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ ФЕСТ

From 23 to 28 October we’re going to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to one of the oldest animation festivals in the world – Banjaluka 2013.

It’s one of the most important festivals of animated film in Europe being held since 1971. In addition to the competition screenings, the festival program includes professional seminars, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and interactive street performances. By the way, the Grand Prix winner will be able to participate in the jury of the next festival =)


We didn’t need a Green Card to get to the next festival as our film was invited to the USA by the Savannah Film Festival. The animated film “Dji. Death Fails” was selected for the Super Shorts block. The festival will take place from Octover 26th through November 2nd. Lectures and workshops will be presented by industry insiders who will share their filmmaking experience.
By the way, the festival regularly screens award-winning studio films before their national release. Who will be next this year?


Another great festival, that opened its doors for the Moldavian animation studio, was – International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, known as DOK Leipzig.

This year the festival celebrates its 56th edition as it’s held since 1955. Wow!
Every year more than 27,000 visitors attend this event which is almost as if the entire population of Orhei gathered under one roof.СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ ФЕСТ

The next festival is not too far away as it takes place in Russia.

Big Cartoon Festival – this is not a qualitative definition of the event, this is actually its official name. It will be held in Moscow from October 31st to November 11th. This year the festival will last for 12 days and will take place at 15 venues (which is a record number for the festival!). As a part of a good tradition, one of the central events of the BCF is the Cartoon Factory, a huge playground, where children can not only witness the production of cartoons, but also participate in it. The Factory is of such big interest that its previous host hall couldn’t house all the intended visitors. So in 2013, this event is moved to the Cultural Centre ZIL and some of the workshops become by appointment.

The last festival for today is Short Animation Film Festival in Oslo. Our film was automatically accepted for the competition program=)

The event will be held in late autumn, from 22 to 25 November.

And now a few words about the non-competitive program.

European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA– it is held in Serbia (Belgrade). Everyone is invited to visit it from 1 to 5 October.
From 2 to 5 October we’re going to the International Festival of Animated Film TOFUZI. It will take place in Georgia (Batumi).
Also in October, our animated film is invited to participate in the non-competitive section of the International Comedy Film Festival COMEDY CLUJ. If you’re going to Romania (Cluj-Napoca) from 11 to 20 October, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this event.

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