Frontend Conf
The employees of our company are not only great athletes and artists. We also have some of the coolest programmers,
The company Simpals takes part in VeloHora!
The company Simpals takes part in VeloHora! But we decided not only to ride, but at the same time to
New folk character “Pacala”
Public art project “Chisinau Is ME” has presented Chisinau with another Moldovan hero. Guess who! Pacala, the one! From now
Chalk board
In our office we have a huge chalk board, on which we draw the same huge congratulations, turning the wall
The Ultramarathon Comrades
The Ultramarathon Comrades, which is held annually in South Africa, this year met Dmitri Voloshin. On May 29, Dmitry overcame
Telefunken – the two-meter robot
Far away, almost on the outskirts of Chisinau, a broken telephone switchboard was peacefully dozing. Each of us has seen
Numbers Sales house celebrates five years of activity
Do you have a batch of two-legged chairs, a car of broken Christmas-tree decorations or a truck of yesterday’s newspapers,
“Verified Account” on 999
We have launched a new service, which is an important step towards increased security of transactions on 999.md – “Verified
Chisinau is ME: In the Moldovan popular character has a wife
Social urban art project Chisinau is ME supplemented the drawing of the Moldovan national character they made earlier. According to
The campaign for the Victory Day: Werni Weteranam Weru (Give Veterans Faith) – 2016
For the peaceful sky over our heads For our happy tomorrow For the peaceful life in our Homeland Give Veterans
Registration is now open for the fourth swimming competition Sea Mile 2016
Right now you have the opportunity to register for the championship in swimming in open water Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016,
More than 15 000 people have conquered the second Chisinau Marathon
April 17 is another significant date in the history of Moldova. That day was the day of the second in
Application 999 v.2.0 for Android
Dear Friends, we hasten to inform you that today we have launched the long-awaited update for Android – the 999
Sporter is launching a new project
Sporter Team decided to make sports activities in Moldova more comfortable and healthier thanks to a new shopping service Sporter
Afisha knows everything about fun!
Simpals Company announces the launch of Afisha service, which will become an indispensable companion for the people of our country.
Results of Puzzle Day Castorland 2016
Last Sunday the Championship in high-speed puzzles assembling has ended in Chisinau. Puzzle Day Castorland 2016 was organized by the
Our new record – more than 100 000 items in the catalog!
Dear friends! Great news: our site contains more than 100 000 offers! All products are allocated in 15 broad categories,
We have turned 9 years already!
We have turned 9 years already! During this time, Mama.md became a meeting place for moms, who shared their experiences,
We are 200 000!
We want to share the great news! 999.md was visited by more than 200 000 unique users per day. The
Pancake Festival at Simpals
On a working Saturday morning, only one word comes to your mind “Oh, sugar!” And if a lot people start
Updating mobile version of 999
Hey! We improved the mobile version of 999.md! The update turned so simple and plain that everyone may easily understand
23 February in Company Simpals
When your shower leaks, when you need to nail a shelf, when it’s hard to carry bags or a suitcase,
Simpals Studio starts working on the new episode about the adventures of Dji
Dear fans and admirers of Dji! We have been thinking a lot on how we can make you happy in
Simpals Animation Studio is working on the first Moldovan animated film for VR
Friends, we have news for you! Our team is working on a new animated movie. And here we have already
Places for kissing appeared in a park of Chisinau
The Project Chisinau Is Me continues to please Chisinau inhabitants with its art objects, creating a festive mood with the
999 supports the marathon!
Hello friends! On April 17, the second International Chisinau Marathon will be held in Chisinau, which will turn the capital
Sporter Love Run – 14 km across Chisinau in the name of love!
February 14 – Valentine’s Day, but when nearly 100 runners are going for a jog in the name of love
Subscribe to Instagram of Chisinau Marathon and use our hashtags for your selfies
Yes, that’s right, we have our own instagram @ChisinauMarathon, where we publish various photos, associated with running, and, of course,
The volunteers of mama.md website have hung height charts in The mother and baby center (TSMIR)
On February 11, colorful rulers for height measuring appeared in the Mother and child center (TSMIR).  Mama.md volunteers wanted to
Currency converter in the advertisement
Hello, dear friends! We are glad to announce great news: the price in the ads is from now on displayed

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