The moderator’s professional day
Do you know that looking in the comments on the news websites it is like looking in the dark which
Accountant, my lovely accountant
Money love silence and sluggishness. The accountants and financiers have said that at all times. Well, just this kind of
Deadline never dies
On monday, all the people in the Simpals office, was awaiting in  suspense. It wasn’t a joke, the City Quest
It’s just Halloween
Friends, the office of the company Simpals got filled with all sorts of ghouls and witches, pumpkin heads rolled in,
Happy Lawyer’s Day!
Friends! Whole our wonderful republic celebrates the people whose work is  linked forever to the blindfold woman with the weights.
Happy birthday “Chisinau is ME”!
Today, we have the brightest and the most colorful celebration! And don’t you even start saying that they all are
“Sporter” celebrates 1461 days! Happy birthday!
These people don’t know what are weekends, tiredness and unhappy faces. They are aware of every sports event, taking place
HR Professional Day
Dear colleagues, today in our office we celebrate a very serious professional holiday. Usually, namely these people meet everybody, who
“256th Day” or “Congratulations, programmers!”
Friends, colleagues, I would like bring to your attention to one unusual date. Today, a 256 day of the year.
“You are a DESIGNER” or about September 9
It’s those people that we love and admire because of r big amazing ability to transfer to the paper /
Boarder Friday
On July 8, the friendly staff of the company Simpals turned into pirate for a day, insidiously prowling around the
Reservoir Ghidigici was swam over for the fourth time
Unbelievable! The annual open water swimming competition Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016 was held on July 17, in which 600 people
Our pet’s corner has a new inhabitant
We adopted a chinchilla in our office. We nicknamed it Chuney. Oh well, how else, if not in the “Ch”..Naturally,
+ 40°C
On sultry working days, the programmers of Simpals company are saving their co-workers and office-neighbours in such a cool-mojito way!
Forward march!
Today, we close the office with a huge barn electronic lock and leave for a treasure hunt. All our friendly
We want to the seaside
The real summer came, when all the dreams and desires can be summed up in just one sentence: “I want
Dmitri Voloshin updated the record in freediving
Dmitri Voloshin, Master of Sports in Freediving of Moldova participated in the World Cup ”AIDA Pool World Championships 2016″, which
New section 999 “New constructions”
  Today in Moldova, you may buy apartments in new buildings at a price of 7507 euros to 270000 euros.
Simpals Pool Party
There’s nothing better on a hot working Saturday, than to jump with all your colleagues in a swimming pool! Alltogether,
Hopscotch in the capital’s parks
This week, hopscotch for kids appeared in the parks Valea Trandafirilor and Valea Morilor. The action was held by Mama.md
Guided tour through Simpals: “How to get inspired?”
On June 24, the delegation EcoVisio arrived to Simpals company. It consisted of 8 participants from different countries of the
Marathon organizers awarded the Volunteers of the company Simpals
The Marathon came and went, and the people who prepared it – remained. And they were left without their well-deserved
Navigation appeared on Point Map
From now on, Point Map it is not only the most accurate and detailed map of Moldova, but also the
Simpals’ collective preparations for Sea Mile 2016
That’s it! We officially announce the beginning of the preparation for the Sea Mile 2016! By tradition, we are launching
Chisinau Is ME: Boy with a dog
Dear friends, summer will come in two weeks. This means that the vacation, great mood, biking, swimming in the river
Frontend Conf
The employees of our company are not only great athletes and artists. We also have some of the coolest programmers,
The company Simpals takes part in VeloHora!
The company Simpals takes part in VeloHora! But we decided not only to ride, but at the same time to
New folk character “Pacala”
Public art project “Chisinau Is ME” has presented Chisinau with another Moldovan hero. Guess who! Pacala, the one! From now
Chalk board
In our office we have a huge chalk board, on which we draw the same huge congratulations, turning the wall
The Ultramarathon Comrades
The Ultramarathon Comrades, which is held annually in South Africa, this year met Dmitri Voloshin. On May 29, Dmitry overcame
Telefunken – the two-meter robot
Far away, almost on the outskirts of Chisinau, a broken telephone switchboard was peacefully dozing. Each of us has seen
Numbers Sales house celebrates five years of activity
Do you have a batch of two-legged chairs, a car of broken Christmas-tree decorations or a truck of yesterday’s newspapers,

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