Corporate party “Wet T-shirts”

17.07.2017 0

Having lived through the coolest and most professional relay Triathlon Triumph (the first in Moldova!), FOSFOR – the electro music fest that that has blown everyone’s minds and broken all …


The winners of Ghidighici Sea Mile 2017 were announced

16.07.2017 0

16 July, the fifth edition of the open water competition, Ghidighici Sea Mile, was held on the Ghidighici Lake. Nearly 250 people participated in the event. As a matter of …


Registration for the Purcari Wine Trail Run is open

10.07.2017 0

Registration for the Purcari Wine Run is declared open! Amateur athletes who wish to participate in the first official 10 km trail race on the Purcari grape fields must fill …


Court, Rackets and Two Tennis Balls

08.07.2017 0

Dear friends, if you think court tennis is just about useless racket waving, snow white mini-skirts, and a poster on the wall featuring Maria Sharapova or Steffi Graf, we should …


The Working Saturday or How we looked for Sithes)

24.06.2017 0

It`s a matter of taste, but we consider the Working Saturday a real holiday! Do you know, why? Because everything, that we do, gives us joy and positive mood. The …


Triathlon Triumph 2017 is coming soon!

10.06.2017 0

Accept the challenge of this summer! Participate to the first triathlon of the Republic of Moldova – Triathlon Triumph! On 25 June in Valea Morilor Park from the capital of …


Simpals Kids

01.06.2017 0

Hey guys! Today is International Children’s Day! Today all children in the world must be the haaapiest and the most careless, because it’s already summer, because you are on holiday, …

Fosfor 2017


11.05.2017 0

Hey there! We are happy to announce our lineup for FOSFOR Electro Music Festival! 19 talented artists will shine on the FOSFOR stage on July 1st at Aerodrom Horeshti. Free …

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Lobster was presented at Eudi Show in Italy

06.03.2017 0

The unique Lobster Weight System for freedivers was presented on the 25-th annual International Exposition of freediving equipment “Eudi Show”, which took place at Bologna, Italy, on 3 to 5 …


The first day of spring in Simpals

01.03.2017 0

Dear friends, finally spring is here! We were waiting for it since fell down the first autumn leaves, since the snowflakes covered everything around, since we celebrated New Year Eve. …


Cricova Wine Run 2017

29.01.2017 0

  On January 29, three hundred people gathered on the territory of Cricova Winery and ran 10 km in the wine cellars at a depth of 100 m below the …


Eskimo Day in Simpals

24.01.2017 0

There are moments when you are in the middle of the winter, outside is snowing but you want to feel like in a warm and sunny day. What you should …

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Battle with cold weapons at Simpals

11.01.2017 0

We are glad to meet you in 2017 year with the same beauty, energy and enthusiasm! Finally, winter remembered that should come and now, outside, we can see an awesome …


Hard Rock Party

30.12.2016 0

Each person associate New Year with something bright, quiet and magical, but it’s not about us. As usual, Simpals break all the rules and stereotypes, and for this time, all …


Simpals company was included in the list of Large Taxpayers

29.12.2016 0

Simpals company was included in the list of the Large Taxpayers of Moldova for the 2017 year, according to a State Tax Inspectorate order. The information was published in Monitorul …


1000 Euro collected for Maxim Gavrilenko at the Christmas Marathon 2016

28.12.2016 0

The most grandiose event which took place at the eve of the New Year’s holidays – the Christmas Marathon – has gathered more than 1000 people in the Square of …


We wish you a Mandarin New Year!

28.12.2016 0

Round, orange, sour and sweet at the same time and full of holiday spirit. We talk about mandarins, mandarins and once again mandarins. In New Year Eve our office was …


Update for Point Money app on iOS

26.12.2016 0

Point Money team is glad to present you the updated version of mobile app on iOS. In updated version it was added pound sterling, that according to the statistical data …


Cute New Year postcards from 999

23.12.2016 0

New Year Eve is the time when you want to tell nice things to your friends and family, to tell about your feelings to people you love and just to …


Visits to the doctor became more colorful, thanks to Chisinau Is ME team

21.12.2016 0

Chisinau Is ME art-project team wants that every child could smile, even if they pass through a hard period. They decided to make the visit to the doctor more pleasant, …


„999 Market” moved to a new domain –

21.12.2016 0

Online-shop “999 Market” moved to a new domain – The steady expansion of the sellers catalogs and products determined us to move the online market to a new, separated …


Simpals – The best!

16.12.2016 0

Dear friends, do you wanna know a good news? We are the best, according to the MBPA (Business People Association of Moldova). We were sure about it, but now we …


International day of pets

30.11.2016 0

Today is the international day of pets and we join too this feast. Because we have our office pets which run, swim, jump and sleep. Sometimes we look at them, …


FOSFOR. How it was

29.11.2016 0

The 1st October, on the Central square of Tiraspol was held the light, sound and mega positive mood show – the second edition of FOSFOR- the electronic music. In …


Family race HellRun 2016 was held in Moldova for the first time

29.11.2016 0

On Saturday, October 29, on the eve of Halloween, the first in Moldova race for the whole family – HellRun 2016, organized by and – was held in …


The moderator’s professional day

10.11.2016 0

Do you know that looking in the comments on the news websites it is like looking in the dark which is full of rubbish. All this we avoid with our …


Accountant, my lovely accountant

10.11.2016 0

Money love silence and sluggishness. The accountants and financiers have said that at all times. Well, just this kind of people we have. They work daily with us. And we …


Deadline never dies

31.10.2016 0

On monday, all the people in the Simpals office, was awaiting in  suspense. It wasn’t a joke, the City Quest appeared suddenly in our office and decided to organize a …


It’s just Halloween

28.10.2016 0

Friends, the office of the company Simpals got filled with all sorts of ghouls and witches, pumpkin heads rolled in, gravestones crawled in and even a spooky bird spider. Well, …


Happy Lawyer’s Day!

19.10.2016 0

Friends! Whole our wonderful republic celebrates the people whose work is  linked forever to the blindfold woman with the weights. Do you understand? No? You are wrong, it is not …


Happy birthday “Chisinau is ME”!

14.10.2016 0

Today, we have the brightest and the most colorful celebration! And don’t you even start saying that they all are bright and colorful. This one is the most colorful, believe …


“Sporter” celebrates 1461 days! Happy birthday!

12.10.2016 0

These people don’t know what are weekends, tiredness and unhappy faces. They are aware of every sports event, taking place in our country. They are capable of gathering as many …


HR Professional Day

21.09.2016 0

Dear colleagues, today in our office we celebrate a very serious professional holiday. Usually, namely these people meet everybody, who comes to interviews. They are recruiting for us new colleagues, …


“256th Day” or “Congratulations, programmers!”

12.09.2016 0

Friends, colleagues, I would like bring to your attention to one unusual date. Today, a 256 day of the year. Anticipating questions and puzzled look, I explain – Today is …


“You are a DESIGNER” or about September 9

09.09.2016 0

It’s those people that we love and admire because of r big amazing ability to transfer to the paper / monitor / huge billboard: “Well, something like that is necessary. …


Boarder Friday

12.08.2016 0

On July 8, the friendly staff of the company Simpals turned into pirate for a day, insidiously prowling around the neighborhood of the recreation center on the Dniester in search …


Reservoir Ghidigici was swam over for the fourth time

17.07.2016 0

Unbelievable! The annual open water swimming competition Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016 was held on July 17, in which 600 people have overcome the reservoir Ghidighici for the fourth time! 2016 …


Our pet’s corner has a new inhabitant

12.07.2016 0

We adopted a chinchilla in our office. We nicknamed it Chuney. Oh well, how else, if not in the “Ch”..Naturally, we treat our pet’s corner with the utmost …

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+ 40°C

12.07.2016 0

On sultry working days, the programmers of Simpals company are saving their co-workers and office-neighbours in such a cool-mojito way! Even the lovers to send codes through the sms didn’t …


Forward march!

08.07.2016 0

Today, we close the office with a huge barn electronic lock and leave for a treasure hunt. All our friendly team goes to Molovata Noua, which will host the summer …

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